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Why is Underfloor Heating so Eco-Friendly?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Underfloor heating is viewed as a luxury, whereas technological developments are making this type of heating more affordable and accessible to everybody. Amid the current climate emergency, it’s important to be as eco-friendly as possible, wherever we can.

Underfloor heaters have a range of benefits over radiators, such as their circulation being more consistent and having lower temperature requirements. Find out more!

What is Underfloor Heating?

As its name suggests, underfloor heating is a replacement for heaters that go under your house’s floors. There are air-based and water-based options and they push a lower temperature through the flooring to heat up the room than radiators do. Whilst a lot of houses use a combination of this new technology plus radiators, underfloor heaters are making strides in terms of technological advancements.

Now is the time to switch to underfloor heating as the country looks toward more eco-friendly heating methods! Here’s exactly why underfloor heating is more eco-friendly than conventional methods:

Lower Temperature Requirements

Underfloor heating is more eco-friendly firstly because they’re a more reactive heating method than radiators which means they don’t need to be left on as long. They can also be used via intelligent thermostats and, soon enough, via smartphone apps so that you can optimise and have greater control over your own heating.

They also require a lower temperature to heat the room to the same extent as a radiator would. Because they have a much larger surface area, a lower temperature can be used because the heat is used more efficiently, which means less energy is wasted in the process.

More Even Circulation

Once more, because they use a much larger surface area than radiators, the heating is more consistent in rooms with underfloor heating, which means they don’t need to be turned on as long or as high as radiators. With underfloor heaters, heat rises from a much larger surface area whereas, with radiators, one side of the room heats much quicker than the other and air convection takes longer to kick in. Because heat literally rises from the floor, the heating effect is immediately felt by the user, whereas because heat rises, radiators leave a cold section by the floor.

It’s also worth noting that underfloor heaters provide you with more living space as there will no longer be the need for radiators if you have them installed. Adding to this, the water they use is much cleaner than that going around your radiators and can be fed straight into the ground once circulation is complete. Radiators, on the other hand, must be drained regularly to remove air bubbles.

Here at Gastech, our heating experts are able to install underfloor heaters for you, using the latest equipment and tools. If you have any questions about heating methods or if you’d like to hear about our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0800 975 2180 today!

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