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Underfloor heating

Enjoy a little bit of luxury every day with underfloor heating from Gastech Heating & Plumbing in Blackwood.

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Lower heating bills with underfloor heating

Many people believe that underfloor heating is a luxury, and here at Gastech we can understand that... but did you know that it can also save you money?


Because underfloor heating is a more efficient way to heat your home, it can result in lower fuel and energy bills, saving you money over time. It's also an investment in your home, and can potentially add value when the time comes to sell your property. All this while keeping you warm and comfortable! To learn more about the benefits of underfloor heating, please contact our friendly and professional team today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Based in Blackwood, we install and maintain underfloor heating systems across South Wales.


Upgrade your heating system

If you've been thinking about home improvements, underfloor heating may be a great option! Lower fuel bills and more even heating of your home are just the start - when you factor in the increased living space you can enjoy when you don't need to make space for radiators, you start to see why so many people are moving to underfloor heating!

Underfloor Heating

Discover the science and secrets that make under floor heating really work. Harnessing heat is the key to success, warmth from the floor gently rises and warms the whole room and its occupants.


Low Temperature, water based under floor heating is the most comfortable, luxurious, economical form of heating available to the modern world. It saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions and helps combat global warming.

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"Jason completed the work in a professional manner. He is a reliable and tidy worker. He even repaired a shelf in a cupboard, which was an unexpected bonus."

David, Avon - Which? Trusted Trader review

For a more evenly heated home, choose underfloor heating

Gastech Heating & Plumbing are your local experts in underfloor heating, serving all of South Wales. Call us today on:

01495 222792

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