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A Guide to Bathroom Installations and How Experienced Plumbers Can Help

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, so if you’ve outgrown your current layout or old appliances are no longer working, it’s time for a new installation. One of the first things you need to organise is a professional plumbing team. There are many different options for you to consider including wetrooms, upgraded furniture and fittings.

Make sure that you consider all possibilities for your new bathroom and how you can meet your needs with a new design. The installation should be practical and aesthetically pleasing, not to mention within your budget. But, which areas should you think about and what are your options?

In this blog, we offer a mini-guide to bathroom installations so you can make an informed decision about your project.

What do you want to achieve from a new bathroom?

Before you go ahead with your new installation, think about your aims for the room. There’s no point going into things with no idea about what you’re doing or you could end up with a bathroom that you dislike at the end of it. Consider the following questions to help you decide what you’re trying to achieve:

● Are you looking to redesign the layout of your bathroom to gain more space and practicality?

● Do old or damaged fixtures need to be replaced?

● Are the aesthetics of the room no longer to your liking?

● Do you need your bathroom to be family-friendly?

● Would you like to add luxury features?

Once you’ve come up with a plan that includes your requirements, you can start looking for new fixtures and a bathroom suite that matches. Whether you want a sophisticated bathroom for relaxing soaks in the bath or a practical space that makes your morning routine easier, do a little research beforehand for the best results.

At Gastech, we can make your dream bathroom a reality. Our team will install your fixtures so you can enjoy your new bathroom in no time as well as taking care of plastering, tiling and more. As experienced heating and plumbing specialists, we’ve helped many clients across South Wales transform their bathrooms. Get in touch with us today for more details.

How can you upgrade your bathroom?

So, now you have a better idea of what you want to achieve, how can you put it into action? More often than not, even small changes can make a big difference in how your bathroom functions, so don’t feel to completely change the room. There are plenty of options to consider ror all budgets. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to put it into action, Pinterest is a great site to look for inspiration.

Here are just some of the changes you can make in your bathroom.

Upgraded fixtures

Although most fixtures will last years and years without needing to be replaced, if they’re starting to perform differently or look old, you may want to upgrade them. Why not upgrade your shower for something a little more modern and powerful? Or perhaps none of your fixtures matches and you’d like a new set that creates a well-designed look. Without fixtures that work properly, you’re going to have a hard time using the bathroom so this is one of the most important and beneficial ways of upgrading your bathroom.

New flooring

With new flooring, your bathroom can have a whole new look. From easy to clean vinyl to tiles, you can find a style and finish that suits your tastes. For a little luxury, underfloor heating can make getting up in the morning that little bit easier. All year round, this type of flooring can enhance your bathroom and even save on energy bills as you won’t need to use a radiator on.

Modern furniture

Bathroom furniture such as cabinets and other accessories can turn a basics bathroom into something special. Not only does furniture help keep your bathroom tidy, but swapping tatty furniture for something more on-trend will keep your bathroom looking fresh. Cabinets, shelves and finishing touches such as blinds and a new shower mat can bring the entire look together nicely.

How to find a good bathroom fitting team

Hiring an experienced team is key to ensuring that your project runs smoothly. But how can you find one? Experience, good customer service and high-quality work are three main points that you should consider. There’s no need to rush when looking for the right team, instead, do your research and shortlist the best bathroom fitters and plumbers in your area.

Here are some of the best ways of starting your search:

● Make sure the company is operating in your area by using your location when you search. Choosing plumbers that are local means you may know somebody that has used their services before and can ask about their experience, and the job is likely to be completed quicker.

● Always look for reviews. Today, you can find reviews for almost anything on the internet. Reviews give you a better insight into the company, including what they did well and how their work has missed certain standards. Although it’s important to remember that reviews are subjective if you noticed the same complaints cropping up this is an obvious sign that the company has not rectified their wrongs.

● Ask for no-obligation quotes from at least three companies. That way you can compare each deal carefully and consider which is the best option for you. But, consider other factors such as first impressions rather than basing your decision on price.

● Do you know someone who has recently had their bathroom redone? If so, there’s no harm in asking them for a recommendation for a reliable plumber. This way you can get an honest opinion of their work and ask as many questions as you like. Word of mouth is often one of the best ways of finding a high-quality tradesman.

Gastech: Heating and Plumbing Services Throughout South Wales

At Gastech, our professional team are on hand to take on a range of jobs. If your bathroom has seen better days, why not give it an upgrade with help from our experts. We can take care of tiling, plastering, plumbing and electrical work, all to the highest standards. Fancy a new bathroom suite or modern fittings? We’ll make your visions a reality.

We also offer heating services for the rest of your home such as central heating maintenance, oil tank installation and more. As a gas safe business, you can rest assured that you’re getting a first-class service by trained professionals. You can find us on Which? Trusted Trader and as a daily-run business, delivering excellent customer service has always been a top priority for us.

For an expert heating and plumbing team that you can rely on, get in touch with Gastech today.

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