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How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Lavish

Many British homes come with small, cramped bathrooms, that can be difficult to make feel luxurious. However, it’s important to create a space that you can relax in and not a bathroom that you barely want to use. If you have a smaller new bathroom, there are many ways you can improve the look and feel, whether through new cabinets or smaller decor choices. Keep reading to learn more.

Radiator valve

Wall-hung vanity units

Wall-hung vanity units are essentially bathroom cupboards that are lifted off the floor. These are a great way to make your bathroom feel more expensive, not only because they look great, but also because they free up the floor space below, making the room feel much larger.

Walk-in showers

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of the bulky bathtub that no one uses anymore. Walk-in showers offer a feeling of glamour and luxury and a spa-like feeling. You can create an entire wet room in your bathroom or just pick a walk-in shower that opens up the space without making it feel cramped.

Illuminated mirrors

Large mirrors are a great way to make your space look larger. Try and find a large circular mirror or something similar to hang above your vanity. If you can find an illuminated one, even better. These mirrors will add more dimension with more lighting sources and make your bathroom feel much more lavish.

Combination unit

Toilet and vanity combination units are great for small bathrooms as you don’t need multiple separate features to make your bathroom complete. Your sink, cupboards and toilet will be in one compact unit, that feels smart and modern.

Rainfall shower head

Rainfall shower heads offer the ultimate lavish feature for your bathroom. Feel like you’re walking into a spa with essential oils and your some rain sounds. Rainfall showers are a more modern option for your small bathroom - you won’t want to get out of the shower!

Are you looking for a bathroom installation in Blackwood? Gastech is here to help. We’re well-equipped to assist you in creating the new bathroom of your dreams. For bathrooms in Blackwood, contact Gastech today.

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