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What to Expect During Your Boiler Installation

Boilers will usually last around 10 years, so it might be time for a replacement or perhaps you just want to update an inefficient boiler. Once you have found a boiler installer to come out and complete the task for you, they will get to work installing your new boiler. If you are wondering what to expect during your boiler installation, here is our quick guide.

Boiler installation

The installation process

When your engineer comes out to install your boiler, you will need to be present in order to give them access to the space. They will tell you all of the information you need to know before you get started. You don’t need to stick around for the whole process as it can take a couple of hours, or sometimes up to a whole day for more difficult installations. For example, if you are just replacing a combi boiler with a newer one of the same type, it will just take a few hours. However, for a more complex installation with extensive changes in pipework or drilling, it can take up to two to five days.

Your engineer will keep your space clean by covering up nearby surfaces with protectors and sheets. Before connecting the new boiler, your engineer will clean out the central heating system to get rid of any debris. This might involve a chemical flush or power flush. Your engineer will then connect the boiler to water outlets, the mains supply and radiators.

Finishing up

After the installation is finished, your engineer will conduct system checks to make sure that the boiler is working properly. This involves checking for leaks and checking the gas pressure is in the correct range. Finally, they will clean up the space properly and give you a call so they can show you how to use your new boiler and how it functions. They will give you the boiler manual and explain any safety rules you need to know. You are welcome to contact them in the future if you have any problems with it, but now is the best time to ask any questions you may have.

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