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A Guide To Underfloor Heating Installation

There are a number of reasons to opt for underfloor heating in a property. One of the main reasons is freeing up space by removing the need for radiators and heaters attached to the walls of a room. Underfloor heating systems can also disperse heat more consistently around a room. With durable materials used, the maintenance costs of underfloor heating can also be significantly lower than other heating systems. Underfloor heating installation can provide a solution that maximises room space and minimises maintenance and energy costs.

For more information on some of the steps involved in underfloor heating installation, read more below.

Underfloor heating

What Is An Underfloor Heating System?

A low-temperature water-based underwater heating system will be a network of pipes installed under the floor of a room. There are also alternative options where a network of wires is used instead of pipes. As a result of the coverage underneath the entire floor of the room, underfloor heating systems do not need to reach the same operating temperature as a radiator which is required to disperse heat from the walls throughout the whole room. Any heating system will operate more efficiently in a well-insulated house. Steps such as installing double-glazing, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can all help maximise energy efficiency.

Installation Process

Working with an experienced heating system installation company can help ensure that the benefits of underfloor heating are maximised. The first step is in removing the top layer of finished flooring and ensuring the subfloor is ready for installation. It is important to make sure that the surface of the subfloor is smooth and clean before laying the pipe. Underfloor heating can be installed on any floor of the house whether the ground floor or upstairs. It can also be installed in apartments and is a popular choice in many modern flats.

The first component of the heating system that will be installed is the manifold. This is typically installed on the wall of the room where the underfloor heating system will be effective. The manifold will move water throughout the system so the location of installation is important. A network of consistently-spaced piping will then be attached to units fitted to the subfloor designed to hold the pipe in place. Depending on the heating system there will then be a number of options for materials used to cover the pipes or wiring. When selecting a finished floor for the room it is important to consider the temperature of the heating system and ensure that the material of the floor is compatible with this.

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