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Bathroom Design Tips for Landlords: Advice for Refurbishing a Rental Bathroom

Being a landlord is no easy feat. There’s an endless list of tasks and responsibilities to take care of, with two major end goals: tenant safety and tenant comfort. Making sure your rental properties are safe and comfortable doesn’t have to be difficult, either. With forward-thinking and careful consideration, you can create a living environment that your tenants will love living in. In any rental property, one of the most important rooms to consider is the bathroom. A well-designed bathroom will impress during property viewings, so making sure you’ve thought carefully about its design is imperative. Below, we share our bathroom design tips for landlords:

Choose a neutral colour scheme

The golden rule of rental property bathroom design is to keep the colour scheme neutral. Not every tenant will have the same interior design preferences as you, so don’t use this as an opportunity to get creative. Most tenants will have their own items of furniture and other goods that they’ll want to put around the house, and keeping your colour scheme neutral will allow them to do this.

Decorating your bathroom in understated tones will also make it easier for you to re-paint at the beginning of a new tenancy. Sticking to pale hues like white, cream and blue means you’ll be able to pick up new pots of paint when the time comes.

Opt for rubber or vinyl flooring tiles

Your tenants may change every six months or every couple of years, so it’s best to be prepared with a versatile bathroom design. When it comes to flooring, choose a style that will work for all demographics, including young professionals, families with young children and elderly couples. Rubber or vinyl tiles are a soft flooring option that work well in bathroom spaces, minimising the risk of slips and trips without compromising on style.

Rubber and vinyl flooring tiles come in a variety of styles. This gives you lots of design flexibility. They’re also hard-wearing and easy to maintain, so you won’t have to worry about repairing the floor frequently due to tenant neglect.

Consider a half-wall tiled style

Keeping your bathroom neutral doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with stylish designs. For a modern yet understated look, consider tiling the lower half of the bathroom’s walls. This will give the space more character than plain white walls, and will also make the room easier to clean. Your tenants can simply wipe the tiles down when they’ve finished showering to keep the bathroom clean.

When opting for tiles, consider choosing a darker grout. White grout can make a space look cleaner and more spacious, however, it can get grubby if it isn't cleaned properly. There’s no guarantee that your tenants will maintain the bathroom the way you’d like them to, so it’s best to opt for more hard-wearing design options.

Make sure there’s plenty of storage space

Storage space is an essential design element of every bathroom, especially in rental properties. If you rent an HMO property, you may have four or five people who don’t know each other living in the house. As they won’t be sharing bathroom products, they’ll each want their own shelf for storage. Providing plenty of storage will also make it easier for them to keep the bathroom clean and tidy, as there won’t be shampoo bottles and bars of soap cluttering up the sink and shower.

There are lots of different ways to increase the storage in a bathroom, but we’d recommend opting for wall-hung cabinets and built-in cupboards. These are space-saving solutions that can’t be removed from the property. This minimises the risk of your tenants accidentally taking items with them to their next residency.

Don’t forget about ventilation

When designing a bathroom, focusing on ventilation is key. This is especially true in tenant properties, where damp and mould are common. You can’t rely on your tenants to keep on top of these issues, but if they’re left unattended, they will get worse over time. Moisture build-up will also cause the paint to peel from the walls, leaving you with yet another task to take care of.

Luckily, you can minimise the risk of damp and mould spreading throughout the property by installing an extractor fan and fitting a passive vent. These will increase the airflow in the room and prevent moisture build-up from causing peeling paint or other issues.

Fit a large window for increased airflow

If you can, fit a large window in the bathroom. A large window will encourage your tenants to think carefully about ventilation; ask them to leave it open when they shower or bathe to increase airflow and minimise moisture build-ups.

Not only that, but allowing more natural light to flood into your bathroom will make it more attractive to future tenants. Lots of natural light can make a room look bigger, transforming even the smallest of bathrooms into light and airy spaces.

Shower enclosure vs. bathtub - which is the best choice?

One question you’ll need to answer when refurbishing your rental property’s bathroom is: should I install a bath or a shower? If you’ve invested in a home with a well-designed bathroom, you may decide to leave it as it is. Otherwise, this is a choice you’ll need to think carefully about. There are pros and cons to each, but here are a few factors to think about:

● Shower enclosure: Shower cubicles are space-saving and functional. They can be tucked neatly into the corner of the room and needn’t take up much space. They are also more accessible as it’s easier to step into a shower cubicle than into a bathtub.

● Bathtub: With a bath, you can install a showerhead above the taps to enjoy the best of both worlds. This gives tenants the choice between a quick shower or a luxurious soak in the tub. Bathtubs are often easier to clean as there are fewer cracks and crevices to deal with.

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when making your decision. Ultimately, it depends on how much space you have and what your target demographic is.

Invest in a powerful shower

Whatever option you go for, make sure you invest in a powerful shower. This is another great selling point for rental properties and you’ll find that it increases tenant satisfaction significantly. A great shower is something everyone looks forward to, so whether it’s in an enclosure or over the bath, make sure you invest in a powerful shower.

Many landlords also opt for electric showers to ensure that tenants have access to hot water no matter what. Even if your boiler breaks down, your tenants can still have a hot shower before heading to work. This gives you a bit of extra time to send around boiler repair experts.

Consider underfloor heating

If you’re designing a particularly luxurious bathroom for higher-paying clients, consider the benefits of underfloor heating. This will add a lavish touch to the property and will make it an extremely attractive rental for tenants with a bigger budget.

Underfloor heating will make the bathroom nice and toasty on cold winter mornings, so your tenants can step out of the shower and enjoy warmth straight away. It’s also a great choice for minimalist bathrooms; with underfloor heating, you can remove bulky bathroom radiators to create additional wall space.

Gastech Heating & Plumbing: High-quality bathroom installations throughout South Wales

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