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Benefits of Wet Rooms: Why They’re the Right Choice for You

When it comes to bathrooms, wet rooms offer the ultimate space for comfort, ease and accessibility. Read on to find out why wet rooms are the perfect choice for you.

wet room

Excellent access for all

Wet rooms really are ideal for everyone. In addition to eliminating the trip hazard of a shower tray, a wet room eradicates the need for shower doors. This makes them perfect for wheelchair users, those with reduced mobility or even anyone who struggles with gripping handles. You won’t have to worry about getting in or out of a shower or bath - get washed with ease in the comfort of your own home.

A stylish home feature

Wet rooms come in a range of styles and designs, so you can ensure they fit the look of your home. A wet room sometimes does need to be tiled on the floor and wall - this means hat you can introduce a modern design element with a bold geometric pattern or bright colour to add your own personality to your bathroom.

Accommodates changes in mobility

Some illnesses, conditions and disabilities are characterised by the gradual erosion of motor skills, such as walking. While you, or someone you’re close to, may be able to walk into a bathroom and get into a walk-in shower or walk-in bath today, this may not be as easy in a few weeks’, months’ or years’ time. Wet rooms can be adapted to accommodate changes in mobility, as physical symptoms progress. The extra space can also make it easier for carers to lend a hand, should they be required in the future.

Adds value to your home

Wet rooms tend to be seen as a desirable feature found mostly in high-end homes. For one, a wet room’s seamless design makes it a great option for accessibility and future-proofing your home for years to come. Additionally in a wet room, the floors and walls are “tanked” (sealed with some form of waterproof membrane), to prevent water from seeping out and causing damage. This means you are also essentially adding waterproofing to one of the major areas of your home that is particularly susceptible to leaks and issues with water.

Personalised to fit your needs

Designing your own wet room can allow for you to be creative with choice of shelving, shower types and other features. It can also be a great opportunity to create a space comfortable and practical for your own personal needs. Seats (wooden or padded cushion), riser rails and grab rails can be placed under the shower, and you may also choose textured flooring for extra grip.

Other things can also be factored in, such as whether the individual is right or left-handed, or whether they are weaker on one side – after a stroke, for example. Because there is space to play with, a wet room can be adapted to someone’s specific, current and ongoing needs

If you’re interested in wet room installation, turn to Gastech. We offer a wide range of bathroom services that also includes bathroom plumbing and disability accessible bathroom/shower design and installation. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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