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Call The Experts With Regards To Plumbing And Heating Problems

Updated: May 10, 2023

Plumbers are very skilled tradespeople which is why they are paid well; this fact shouldn’t however, cause you to try to save on costs by doing it yourself. Sacrificing the integrity of your home and risking your huge investment just to save a few quid is a terrible idea.


There are a number of different DIY jobs that you can do to save money on plumbing if you are competent yet even with the marginally more simple radiator, pipe or sink tasks, there is an element of risk. If you plan on installing a new boiler with no prior experience, you deserve water raining for the ceiling! Even if you do do all your research, there are a multitude of different boiler manufacturers and models, which makes the experience of a plumbing professional essential.

As a non-expert, you are destined to have issues with short circuits and dry-fire elements, as well as risking damage to the delicate components of a boiler. It is worth noting that electricity and water don’t go together - don’t risk your own electrocution! When you hire a professional plumber however, the process becomes his or her responsibility to complete the given jobs error-free.


Like taking responsibility for the installation of plumbing and heating issues like radiators, pipes or boilers, fixing should usually be left to the professionals. If you have a problem with something that you don’t know the cause of, an expert can understand exactly what the problem s if it is a complicated issue. This not only saves money and time but also removes the possibility of causing even more damage. In short, fixing your own plumbing and heating problems is usually false economy and not worth the risk.

Why Gas Boiler Services Experts Are Great

Qualifications and training

Plumbing and heating experts are trained by people or institutions to do their job impeccably. Before they are let loose on the public they are given exemplary training and practical lessons that are essential to heating and plumbing.


It almost goes without saying that an experienced plumber has experience of hundreds and thousands of boilers, where you likely have none at all. This practical experience is absolutely invaluable.


To do their job efficiently and effectively, plumbers have access to quality equipment that can be quite expensive. Unless you happen to have a friend who is a plumber, you are very unlikely to be able to use quality equipment when attempting your DIY job.

Why Maintenance Is So Important

Keeping the pipes in your home or building in top working order should be a priority when looking after your house. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure the health of your pipes yourself, such as keeping the heating on at a low level during cold winter weeks so that they don’t crack. Nonetheless, there are some problems that you just can't deal with yourself without expertise, experience or suitable equipment. Even if you regularly sweep your drains or try your best not to let food fat down the sinkhole, our modern ways of living combined with the worst that the environment has to offer means that problems will eventually occur. This is where the experts come in.

When it comes to your boiler, the argument for regular maintenance is even stronger. Boilers are wonderful things; they are the beating heart of our homes and are fantastic pieces of technology that your house simply can't do without as it is vital to so many of the essential functions that pwe rely on. Try heating your home, washing your clothes or drying them inside without one! Getting your boiler regularly serviced by a trained engineer is a great idea for the following reasons:

Save cash on bills

Gas is expensive and we use a lot of it when powering our boilers. Even little improvements in its efficiency can save you a surprising amount of money when added up over a significant period of time.


If you have chosen to take out an insurance scheme for your boiler (or house insurance that includes your boiler), the insurance company will only pay out if you can prove that you have taken the steps to keep it in good condition. By having an annual boiler service you can satisfy this requirement and make a claim if the worst happens.

You won’t have to replace your boiler for now

What’s more fun than spending a thousand pounds on a boiler? Answer: everything. Spaffing a grand on the resumption of an equitable temperature can really ruin your day but if you opt for an annual boiler service you can increase the lifespan of your boiler by years.

Preempt Your Boiler’s Problems Before They Become Serious

If you’ve ever seen the insides of a boiler you can understand how intricate they are. Not only is the machinery complex, but the modern boiler also contains sophisticated electronics and is required to be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just one component needs to break or become worn for a boiler’s performance to become compromised. Unfortunately, as one part becomes damaged there is the large chance that this will cause other parts to break. By solving the problem early, an expert engineer can stop other parts of the boiler getting damaged which will stop the cost of your eventual repair from increasing exponentially.


For all their usefulness, boilers can, in fact, be highly dangerous machines if not maintained correctly. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches and even death so there is no point in risking your health by not routinely checking the health of your boiler.


If you are a landlord you have a legal responsibility under the Landlord and Tenanct Act (1985) to keep your leased property’s boiler in good repair and working order. By choosing an experienced expert you are complying with the law and can obtain the certificates that you need.

Gastech Heating and Plumbing Services

Gastech Heating and Plumbing is a plumbing and heating company based in Blackwood, South Wales. We are proud to offer unparalleled expertise and experience in a huge range of different disciplines while giving unbeatable customer service to our large and varied list of clients. Gastech Heating and Plumbing’s extensive range of services is comprised of central heating services, bathroom and kitchen installations, boiler installation and repairs, underfloor heating, and general plumbing services. Our well-motivated and personable team of plumbers, heating engineers and boiler repair specialists are united in their dedication to solving the challenges of our industry and boast excellent qualifications and extensive experience.

Gastech Heating and Plumbing is a family-run company that has been serving South and Central Wales for over three decades. Today we have offices in Newport, Cardiff, Brecon and Monmouth, so if you have a home or property whose plumbing or heating needs fixing, installing or maintaining, our staff are ready to fix your problems at the drop of a hat. If you’re about to google “boiler repair near me”, look no further than Gastech Heating and Plumbing. For any of the challenges above or other plumbing or heating needs, find an engineer in your local area with years of expertise working on a range of domestic plumbing projects. Contact us today via our website or give us a call on 0800 975 2180 or 01495 222 792 to discuss what you’re looking for. You can also email us on

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