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Choosing the Best Heating Systems for Your Needs

Out of all the heating systems available, you may wonder which is the best for your particular needs. Should you opt for one of the oil boilers available or choose an electric boiler? If the choices are overwhelming, we have some advice.

You have several options when it comes to heating systems:

Electric Boilers

If your home isn't on the gas network, you will need an alternative option. One choice is an electric heating system. It's best when used for small homes or areas where there isn't much heating required as this can drive your energy bill up considerably. However, constant electricity means you will always have heating and there is no need to refill a tank or bring fuel to your home.

An electric boiler is also safer in most cases. It carries no risk of carbon monoxide leaks and is a more environmentally friendly choice than oil.

Keep in mind that electric boilers are not suitable for larger homes, since they just can't keep up with the demand. If you have a home that is more than two bedrooms, you'll want to look at an alternative heating system.

LPG Boilers

Anyone who is on a budget will like the fact that LPG boilers tend to be the lowest-cost boilers on the market. However, they do require filling a tank by the house to keep fuel on hand. As well as being cost-effective, LPG boilers are extremely efficient. All the fuel burned goes into heating your home and your water for showers and washing.

These types of boilers also tend to be more compact and quieter than other models, which can be a perk for many people.

Oil Boilers

When it comes to fuel costs, the oil boiler is often more cost-effective than others, particularly electric. The price of oil does fluctuate with the market, so it's not stable, but it is almost always much lower than the cost of electricity.

Oil boilers require oil that must be stored in a tank by your home. This needs to be refilled from time to time in order to ensure you always have the fuel you need. They're also less environmentally friendly than other options, but may be the best choice for actual heating.

Remember that if you still can't decide, you can talk to the experts to determine the best choice for your space.

Contact Gastech today and we'll help you determine the best option.

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