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Common Plumbing Problems You Need to Watch Out For

Whether you’re sick of hearing your bathroom tap drip throughout the night or you’ve noticed your drains are clogged, you’re likely to run into some plumbing problems in your home at some point. Read on to discover the most common plumbing issues to watch out for and find out where you can seek expert plumbing services.

Dripping tap

Dripping tap

While a dripping tap may seem like a simple annoyance, it’s actually wasting you a significant amount of water. Plus, if your home has multiple leaky taps then this water wastage multiplies. Another problem is that excess water can create patches of rust in pipes and other fixtures - this in turn can create more leaks, which may be undetectable until it’s too late. Similarly, when water and wood combine it can lead to rot. This can breed mould, which can cause many health issues and structural problems to your home.

Slow or clogged drains

Slow or clogged drains are one the most common plumbing problems. Clogs can often happen as a result of build-ups of detritus and things ending up in your pipes that shouldn’t be there. This is why you should be careful about what you put down your sinks. It’s not usually possible to effectively plunge a kitchen or a bathroom sink, and this can be very unsanitary. You should call in a plumber to deal with this issue.

Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can cause a great deal of damage to your home. Whether it’s a leaking toilet pipe, a leaking pipe under a sink or just about any other pipe in your house, this issue will cause enormous water waste and lead to rot and the breeding of harmful bacteria and insects that transmit disease. In many cases, it’s likely leaky pipes will need replacing - again, a professional plumber should be your first port of call.

Water heater not working properly

Unfortunately, water heater issues may require the services of a plumber, a gas expert and even an electrician - or a combination of these three. Some common issues include:

● Valves giving way, causing the water heater to flood the surrounding area

● Corrosion or rust interfering with water circulation in the tank

● Bacteria invading the tank and making your water smell terrible

● Too little hot water or none at all

Clogged toilet

This is a household problem no one will want to face - clogged toilets can be annoying, overflow and smell bad. They can even be an indicator of septic system damage. Remember, if water or sewage backs up in multiple locations in the home, something is seriously wrong and you may need to call a plumber.

Over here at Gastech, we've carried out an extensive amount of plumbing jobs since we started trading back in the 1980s. From plumbing repair to fixing blocked drains, we’ve got you covered - so for premium plumbing services, get in touch with us today.

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