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Does My Boiler Need Cleaning?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Wondering if you should be cleaning your boiler? The answer is yes. Most boilers need to be cleaned on a yearly basis and if you use it frequently, you may even need to clean it every six months.

Why does your boiler need cleaning?

Oil heating systems end up with build-up of carbon and sulphur, which can affect the function of the boiler. If this build-up is too much, it can actually block up the chimney. As soon as this happens, you have the issue of carbon monoxide staying in the house, where it can cause serious health problems or even death. In addition to carbon monoxide, a blocked chimney holds water vapour and nitrogen from escaping the house, as well. These can cause other problems, such as water damage. You’ll need to regularly clean the chimney, at the very least, to prevent any kind of health problems.

What’s involved?

When cleaning a boiler, you will need to shut it down and allow it to cool. This is why most people do their cleaning in the late summer, just before they begin to use the boiler full time. You will need to change the oil filter and clean the motor and draught regulator. These can be vacuumed and then wiped down to eliminate any excess oil.

The floor should be cleaned thoroughly after cleaning the oil boiler. Then you will need to move on to the chimney. It’s important to have the right equipment here, so get a set of chimney rods and brushes. You will want to move the boiler, then lay down a sheet or piece of plastic before using the brushes to brush all the soot down from the chimney. This can be a messy job, particularly if you haven’t had the chimney cleaned in some time. Once the walls of the chimney are clear, you can gather up the sheet and throw it away, along with all the dust and soot. Vacuum the floor and replace the boiler.

Should you hire a professional?

While it’s possible to clean your boiler and chimney yourself, it’s not necessarily a task you’ll want to take on. It can be quite filthy and time-consuming, so most people choose to hire a company to handle it all for them. When you hire a company like Gastech to do all your boiler maintenance and cleaning, you will have a perfectly clean setup and can relax, knowing that the fumes and vapours from the boiler are funnelled outdoors.

Ready to schedule a cleaning? Contact us now to book your boiler cleaning appointment or to discuss your needs further.

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