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Embrace the cold with 4 Winter Walks in Cardiff

With summer a distant memory and our woolly jumpers making another appearance for the cold weather, sometimes it can be easy to simply hide away from winter. However, if you’re happy to brave the chill, there are some beautiful spots around the Cardiff area that only get more stunning as the winter months close in.

So chuck on a couple more layers and visit our top picks for winter walks around Cardiff.

Bute Park

Located in the middle of the city centre, Cardiff’s Bute Park is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a wholesome walk. The park is a total of 56 hectares and is a nationally significant arboretum, boasting over 3,000 different tree species which only look more stunning as the leaves fall.

Aside from the beautiful displays of nature, there is a variety of activities to keep you busy. Spend time checking out the charming Animal Wall in the parks southern boundary, pick up a coffee at one of the cafes dotted along the River Taff, or visit the awe-inspiring Cardiff Castle.

Penarth Pier

For those looking to fill their lungs with some cold sea air, Penarth Pier is sat waiting for you on Cardiff’s coast. The Victorian-era pier has been lovingly restored to its former glory after damage caused by fire and wayward ships and is now a must-see spot for those looking for a great picture.

The pavilion holds a cinema, gallery and auditorium if you need to get out of the cold but the views out across the Bristol Channel can’t be missed.

Cardiff Centenary Walk

Whether you’ve only just moved to the area or have lived in Cardiff your whole life, you can learn something completely new about the city on its Centenary Walk. The walk will take you to some of Cardiff’s most celebrated landmarks, from its Old Library all the way to the Hayes.

The route is around 3.6km but you can start and finish wherever you like as the various landmarks are numbered by waymakers, so get out and learn more about the illustrious history of our great city.

Parc Cefn Onn

This stunning grade II listed park is situated in the north of Cardiff is a great choice for those looking to don a pair of wellies and get stuck into nature. The park was originally designed 90 years ago around the Nant Fawr stream and still remains a firm favourite for winter walkers.

Down the road from the park is Thornhill Farm Shop which is a great place to try some local produce and see some of the animals they have on the farm.

Come back to a warm home with Gastech

Although going out for a bracing winter walk is a great way to spend the day, coming back to a nice warm home is the best way to finish it, so make sure you’re all set for winter with Gastech. With our range of central heating services, from boiler installation and repair to underfloor heating we can make sure you’re cosy this Christmas.

For more information and a free quote, visit our website or give us a call on 0800 975 2180.

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