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Five High-Tech Improvements for Your Bathroom

Whether you are doing a complete renovation of your bathroom, or just giving your old space an upgrade, adding some high-tech improvements to your bathroom can change your life. There are so many different ways that you can upgrade your space to make your life easier.

Underfloor Heating

No one likes to step out of the tub or shower and stand on cold tiles. It can make you go from relaxed to upset in a matter of seconds. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom for the better is to add in underfloor heating. You can easily set the temperature to the one you want and never worry about cold feet in the bathroom again.

Built-in Shower Speakers

Built-in water-resistant shower speakers are great for anyone who loves to listen to music or podcasts while they are getting ready for the day. Have a professional company install them so that they blend in with their surroundings perfectly. Then you will be able to sing along to your favourite bands while you get yourself clean.

Smart Toilet

Toilets have maintained their overall design for many years, but recently smart toilets have become more and more popular. Smart toilets can do a variety of things. The lid of a smart toilet can automatically open and close and often has a motion sensor so that the lid opens when you walk towards it. The seat can be heated so that you don’t have to sit on cold porcelain in the middle of the night. Some smart toilets also include a bidet and remote control.

Thermostatic Showers

A thermostatic shower allows you to pre-set the temperature of the water. This means that you don’t have to fiddle with the taps to get the right level of heat before stepping into the shower. It also keeps that temperature steady which means that it won’t get hotter or colder throughout your shower. This doesn’t mean you can’t adjust it on your own though. While starting and maintaining the temperature, it still allows you to adjust it if you want to.

Smart Taps

Smart taps are great for when you have soap all over your hands and you don’t want to get it all over the taps. With a smart tap, there is an area that you can tap with your wrist or elbow and the water will turn on at a pre-set temperature. This helps you keep your bathroom clean while you wash up.

No matter how you plan to upgrade your bathroom, there are many ways that you can add high-tech improvements. These improvements will help build comfort and convenience into your home. Contact GasTech to find out how we can help you install high tech appliances in your bathroom.

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