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How to Maintain The Systems in Your Home

For many, maintaining their heating system, plumbing system and the air conditioning system regularly is unheard of. However, breakdown maintenance – where a system is only fixed once it breaks down – brings numerous problems with it. For instance, it generally is more expensive to repair or replace a component than it is to maintain it and when the system breaks down, it is out of action until it is fixed.

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, can help you ensure your system is always running at peak efficiency and will also last longer. Having a proper maintenance schedule is the first step to maintaining your house. Have a technician from a reputed company like Gas Tech Heating and Plumbing regularly check your systems to ensure they are working as intended.

Maintaining your air conditioning

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will help you keep your electricity bill down. Change the filters on a monthly basis so your system does not have to work harder than normal. It is also important that your air conditioning system’s components such as the drain pan and fan motors are kept clean.

Maintaining the plumbing system

With summer in full swing, your plumbing system is sure to be used more often. The increase in usage means it is important that you regularly maintain the system to ensure there is no issue with it. To avoid a clogged sink, snake the drainage system to clear any objects or the buildup of grim which can obstruct the outflow of water. Mixing baking soda and vinegar gives a mixture that can break down any buildup inside the pipes. Enlist the plumbing services of a company to water jet your pipes annually for a complete cleaning of the pipes.

Maintaining the central heating system

Start your maintenance task by checking your thermostat. Start by increasing your thermostat. If the furnace starts and continues to work, great, your system works fine. However, if the furnace switches off in less than 3 minutes, it could mean a short cycle. This is caused by a thermostat that is not calibrated or a heat exchanger that is overheating. If a short cycle seems to be the case, you are better off getting a technician who specialises in central heating services.

Check the filters on a monthly basis and look for any open joints in the system. Reseal them with duct tape and if there are any joints that are rusted, get them repaired or replaced.

Oil based and boiler systems require too much expertise for maintenance and is better left for professionals who are knowledgeable in boiler installations & repairs.

Get your house maintained by professionals

Our family run business has been in operation since 1984 and has a record of impeccable and professional service. Our employees are educated in HVAC systems, boiler systems, gas systems and bathroom & kitchen installations to name a few. There is no need to look elsewhere for your household repair and installation tasks! Give us a call on 0800 975 2180 or 01495 222 792 to discuss your requirements further!

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