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How to Save Money on Bathroom Design

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Are you building a new bathroom or renovating an old one but want to stay on budget? Luckily, there are a few ways to save money on your bathroom design. If you plan it well, you can cut costs nearly in half.

Here’s how:

Have a Plan

The fastest way to spend money is to start building your bathroom without a plan in mind. You’ll end up making decisions last minute and trying to fit everything in if you haven’t worked it all out ahead of time. Sit down with your architect and come up with a design that you love. It will be far simpler to stick to this as you begin to build.

Pay for the Experts

It really is worth bringing in a good plumber and a high-quality construction team. While you pay more in the beginning, you’ll end up spending less in the long run. This is because when the job is done correctly, you won’t have to go back and fix anything. The plumbing and the walls, etc. should all last for many years when done properly.

Keep Everything in a Line

It’s far simpler and cheaper to manage your plumbing if you keep all the plumbing on one side of the room. This means you will have one drainage pipe and the water pipes will run over it. While it does limit your design options because your sink, bathtub/shower, and toilet will all need to be in a line, it can really save you money.

Compare Faucets

Just purchasing the faucet for your bathroom sink can end up being quite expensive. Often, you’ll find the same design as a fancier faucet in a lower-priced store. With the internet, there’s no reason to pay more than you need to since you can compare prices and designs throughout the country. Take the time to look and you could end up saving huge amounts of money.

Reuse Old Pieces

Purchasing vintage tubs and light fixtures can not only give your bathroom a unique look, but it also saves you money. It’s possible to bring these items from a previous home, or you can buy them from salvage companies. Older pieces, such as a cast-iron bathtub, can really create a unique feel in your bathroom that is quite a popular choice with many people.

Arrange for Delivery

You should plan ahead and set up delivery of the various materials or products on specific dates so you won’t be waiting around. The construction team will have to pause every time a delivery is late and if you’re doing everything last minute, then you’ll have too many pauses in the construction process and you could end up losing money.

With these tips, you can drastically cut costs for your bathroom design. However, you do need to actually implement the planning process and hiring experts, like those from Gastech, to ensure the job is done correctly. Gastech provides quality plumbing services in Blackwood and across South Wales, to help you affordably achieve your dream bathroom design. Get in touch today.

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