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Is Underfloor Heating Worth it?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Underfloor heating is comforting and warm to walk on and enables you to avoid filling your rooms with radiators.

Underfloor heating is a cleaner and an easier way to heat up your home. Using radiant heat technology, underfloor heating will gently warm the people and objects in the room directly, from the ground up, facilitating a much more energy-efficient technique.

If you’re thinking about installing floor heating as part of an upcoming home renovation project, we realise you may have questions and concerns about whether this is the right heating solution for you. Here we outline what you need to know.

The two kinds of underfloor heating

Electric or ‘dry’ underfloor heating utilises a system of electric coils, or heating mats, which are installed underneath your flooring. This type of underfloor heating, which is linked to your mains electricity supply, is popular as it’s cheaper to buy and install than a ‘wet’ system. Water, or ‘wet’ underfloor heating, also known as hydronic underfloor heating. This involves pumping warm water through pipes under the floor.

Additional space around the home

You might also be shocked by how much more space you can get from by just removing radiators. Choosing underfloor heating over radiators will give you the freedom to push sofas, drawers or bookshelves right up against any wall you desire.

Also, by operating at a lower temperature than traditional heating systems, radiators have to be at a high temperature to heat a room, you could perhaps see a saving in your energy bills if you install a water system. Due to requiring electricity to operate, dry systems are more expensive to run.

Works with different types of flooring

Underfloor heating can be put in place under many different types of flooring, including:

● Stone

● Tile

● Laminate

● Vinyl

● Carpet and rug flooring

Although it can be fitted under all of these different floorings, there may be differences in terms of how swiftly and efficiently the heat transfers to the surface. You will get the best results from a surface that has good conductivity such as tile or stone, but there will be a compatible system for just about any type of flooring.

Increase the value of your home

Underfloor heating is frequently seen as a modern and highly advanced way of heating a home, which can give a sense of affordable luxury and also be appealing to potential buyers if you’re looking to sell your home.

Perhaps you are renovating an existing building or your underfloor heating has stopped working efficiently. Gastech Heating and Plumbing are on hand to repair a current or install a new system. For the most cost-effective way of running home heating, contact Gastech to install your underfloor heating today.

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