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Keeping warm this winter

There’s nothing worse than having a cold house. We know that the weather can be unpredictable in South Wales, and particularly through the winter months, it can get icy and unpleasant.

There’s nothing that can be done to stop the cold weather, but there are certainly a few things that you can do inside your house to make sure it’s toasty and warm.

Here are a few tips for keeping warm in the winter months:

1. Radiator care

Make sure the radiators you have around the house are running as efficiently as possible. Inefficient, leaking radiators can cost you money. When looking for issues with your radiator, note any water leaks that might escape beneath it. If there is water escaping, it’s likely to be affecting its functionality and therefore the amount of heat it is retaining.

It’s also a good idea to periodically check for cold spots which might be a sign that they need bleeding. In other words, you’ll need to release trapped air from the top of the radiator. If you’re unsure, get a professional in to look at any issues you think your radiators might have which would stop them from functioning ordinarily. This way, you can ensure that your radiator will be fixed safely.

2. Service your boiler

Boilers need attention. It’s a good idea to have your boiler serviced annually to ensure that it is running as efficiently as it can. Inefficient boilers can rack up costly bills so it’s beneficial to get them checked. Calling a gas safe engineer to check over your boiler is a good way to seek out any issues and get them sorted before the cold weather kicks in. Not only will it keep your whole family toasty all year round, but it will also save you money in bills.

3. Draught-proof your home

Every home is likely to have areas in which a draught is present somewhere. Doorways and windows are prime locations for heat to escape, so it’s a great idea to insulate your house where you can. There are a number of ways you can insulate your home; including using weatherstripping tape around window frames and covering the bottom of doors with draught excluders. As warmth escapes from the windows of your home, close your curtains before it gets dark to keep the heat in. Better still, invest in thick or thermal curtains.

GasTech: Your plumbing and heating solutions in Blackwood.

Here at GasTech, we’re specialists in plumbing and heating. We offer a range of heating and plumbing services in Blackwood. Whether you require boiler installation or repairs to keep your house warm this winter or would like your house extension to have underfloor heating, contact us today!

Operating in almost all areas of South Wales, our friendly team of experts are here to talk you through your requirements for your home plumbing and heating.

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