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Reasons To Consider Bathroom Refurbishment

Not only can refurbishing your bathroom space ensure your property value increases, and practicality is maintained, but there are an array of other lesser-known perks to be found. Whether the transformation involves newly installed shower and bath utilities, the introduction of a convenient wet room, or even simply some extra units and plumbing necessities, all of these reasons are applicable. Gastech handle everything from boiler installations, heating repairs and even bespoke disability access. Read ahead and get creative!

Refurbished bathroom

Aesthetics And Design

Generally, you’ll spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so whether you notice it or not, this important space should undoubtedly be one that you appreciate. As a homeowner, you may consider remodelling your bathroom if it's old, retains an outdated design, or simply doesn't suit your preferences and style. If you’re currently looking to sell your property, or it’s something you are considering in the future, bathroom renovations are also worth considering. A refurbishment can add up to £4000 onto the value of your property, making it a more appealing option to investors.


As minor as it may seem, in reality It's an issue if your bathroom isn't completely functional for you and your family. Some may opt for their bathroom to be updated to make the most of the existing space, with a number of basic, low-cost improvements to make the most of cramped conditions, while transforming your old, tired bathroom into a space where you can relax and unwind after a long day will often depend on individual needs. We’re more than happy to implement various measures, including disability access.

Family Additions

Remodelling your bathroom could include everything from adding a walk-in tub, walk-in shower, grab bars, hands-free faucets, or other bathroom accessories, which can help to prevent injury and make your bathroom safer for everyone. These types of safety-focused features can allow homeowners who are elderly and disabled to keep their independence and remain in their homes longer, so it’s a great long-term investment. Safeguarding younger children could hardly be easier wither, with a renovation giving you a relatively clean slate to work from.

Save On Costs

While remodelling your bathroom could be expensive overall, the long-term financial advantages could make it worthwhile ultimately. You may save your energy expenditures significantly by modernising the technology and functionality of your bathroom, and there are several methods to make your bathroom more energy efficient, from better lighting to water-saving faucets and toilets. Advantageous for both the environment and your wallet, a renovation means that you may also choose materials that are more environmentally friendly.

At Gastech, we’re happy to say that we’re a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and Which? Trusted Trader. What this means for you is that we have been recognised as a reputable and trusted company and can assure you that the work we carry out is of a high standard. One of the most reliable heating and plumbing companies in South Wales, contact us today for additional information on wet room installation, heating systems and much more.

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