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The Impact of Technology on Plumbing Services Explained

Over the past century, technological developments have revolutionised services across a range of industries - one of these being plumbing. Technology ensures plumbers can offer enhanced products and services to their customers and enables them to work more closely with complementary fields such as interior design and construction. Read on to discover how technology has impacted modern plumbing services.

Energy efficient boiler

How has technology impacted the plumbing industry?

New technologies have impacted the plumbing industry in numerous ways:

Plumbers can sell lifestyles

Technological changes have meant that plumbers can increasingly sell enhanced products that will have a positive impact on the lives of consumers. Electronic toilets, reverse osmosis systems, and luxury showerheads are just a few examples of plumbing-related goods and services that can contribute to shoppers living more luxurious lifestyles. Remember, a plumbing’s company’s use of technology is not only limited to the tools of their trade but also how they market themselves to their audience.

Improved marketing

The rise of e-Commerce and social media makes it possible for plumbers to reach their target audience on a personal level and thus sell their services more effectively. From Facebook ad campaigns to clever use of content writing, organisations now have the power to establish themselves as a credible authority in the field of plumbing and grow their client base like never before.

Plumbing technology

The tasks involved with plumbing typically involve the installation and repair of pipe systems, drains and fittings. There is a growing demand for greener plumbing - this increasingly incentivises plumbers to acquire the skills necessary to help their clients reduce their energy costs and water usage. Therefore, you’re more likely to start seeing the utilisation of technologies such as smart irrigation. Smart irrigation will allow you to connect your phone to your sprinkler system and set up smart timers, allowing you to save both time and money.

You’ve probably also noticed the rise in touchless technology - particularly touchless taps that automatically dispense water when you place your hands beneath them. This offers the customer increased hygiene and convenience, making them a popular choice for new kitchens. In fact, smart toilets are a great example of the advancement in plumbing technology over the past few years. Toilets can now open, close, flush or cleanse automatically - with some even offering air drying and heated seats.

Greener technologies

Using electricity to heat a household’s water is becoming less common, as homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to combat climate change, reduce water waste and promote sustainability. As previously mentioned, smart irrigation systems have become more popular as they offer a greener alternative to water circulation, providing less wastage. Solar water heating is also energy efficient and reduces a property owner’s gas and electricity bill. You can expect to see installation and maintenance of solar water heaters as part of a plumbing company’s services.

Another form of green plumbing technology is greywater recycling systems. These enable a household to save water by reusing water that comes from basins, showers and washing machines. This water can then be reintroduced to other parts of the home after minimal treatment. This form of technology is still developing but it’s likely that plumbers will find themselves working on these systems more regularly once this is perfected.

What are the benefits of these new technologies?

Technical development has benefited the plumbing industry in numerous ways. From the power of going paperless to the advantages of using smart technology, here’s just a few positive changes:

Reduced costs

When it comes to business operations, the transition from paper to digital platforms can massively cut costs in the long run. This applies to the plumbing industry - while paper may not seem like a huge cost, it can cost small businesses almost £15,000 a year. Making the move to digital invoicing in particular can save businesses time, money and manpower, allowing invoices to be generated almost instantly upon the successful completion of a job. Invoices can then be sent straight to the customer, either on-site or from the office, encouraging prompt payment and improving cash-flow.

A more secure way of working

Another issue with solely relying on paper is that it can easily be damaged or get lost. For plumbers, who are likely to work from a range of locations, losing a crucial document is likely to be stressful and frustrating. Not only could this cause inconvenience but it could also breach data protection laws - meaning that plumbers risk violating the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering's code of professional standards.

Digital tools can solve this problem - they make it possible to replicate forms and reports digitally, meaning that paperwork can be completed in real-time, via an app on a mobile device. This information can then be stored automatically on a central cloud-based platform, making it far less likely for sensitive information to be lost, damaged or otherwise compromised.

Greater efficiency and productivity

Switching to digital platforms is a great way to drive efficiency, boost productivity and free up time. This is largely due to the fact that paper-based systems can be a headache for plumbing professionals, who must often transport important documents between jobs and ensure they have the right paperwork to hand before setting off. If details such as correct job sheets, customer contact details and job history are forgotten, time will be wasted as the plumber travels back to retrieve it.

On the other hand, if these documents are completed digitally and saved to the cloud, then plumbing workers will be able to transport all necessary documents on portable digital devices. This means they will be able to access important information at any time.

Additionally, 3D printing technology has the potential to revolutionise the plumbing industry by enabling the rapid production of custom parts, reducing waste and speeding up the repair process.

More accurate detection and diagnosis

AI can also enhance the accuracy and efficiency of plumbing work, reducing the likelihood of errors and costly repairs. Smart technology holds the ability to detect and prevent leaks, potentially saving costly water bills and preventing water damage. These smart devices and systems, such as leak detection sensors and automated shut-off valves, will become increasingly common in homes and businesses. These technologies will help conserve water and alert property owners to potential plumbing issues before they become more severe. Take smart pipes - new water pipe tech can detect a burst pipe or a leak in your bathroom. The best thing about this technology is that it will send a message alert to your phone, alarming you that a leak is detected. There are even greater technologies that can switch off the water supply in case of a flood. You'll also be notified if there's any filtration issue.

Greener choices

Now more than ever is the time for businesses and consumers to make a conscious decision to tackle climate change. New technologies offer everyone the opportunity to make eco-friendly choices, and so plumbing companies can make their services more sustainable and increasingly promote green living products. These can include low-flow toilets and water-saving shower heads to help their customers save water.

Technological developments also allow for green plumbing solutions that use sustainable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. These may include pipes made of recycled materials, lead-free plumbing components, and water filters that reduce the need for plastic bottles.

Reliable local plumbers from Gastech

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