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Things to Consider Before Getting Underfloor Heating

Some people simply love the idea of having no radiators in their home, and it can be really appealing if you have a preference for clean wall space and a minimalist aesthetic. Plus, if you like the idea of having a constant room temperature in your home, rather than having to rely on radiators that can only heat one part of a room, underfloor heating could be a great choice for you.

So, if you think that underfloor heating sounds like something that might appeal to you, here we have outlined a few things to consider as well as discussing how your central heating is a crucial factor to consider in this choice.

Underfloor heating is pretty different from having radiators heat up your rooms. For one thing, they give you one constant temperature, so no need to stand up against the radiator when you come home windswept and chilly in the colder months. Although it's worth noting that you can’t just switch this type of system up for half an hour, either. It generally takes a little while to warm through the floor.

Unsure about what your options are in terms of underfloor heating? Well, underfloor heating is best fitted in a concrete screed with tiled or wooden flooring placed on top. It should be set up so the water temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius as this can dry and damage your flooring. Ensure your floor layer has acclimated to your wood or tiles before laying. Because underfloor heating does involve lifting all your floors, it’s really best for new builds or extensions – unless you’re considering some serious renovation work.

Instead of turning your heating on and off each day, underfloor heating requires you to set a desired temperature for the ‘on’ times and the set back times (‘off’ times). Otherwise, it will take too long to heat through the floors.

In order to have an effective underfloor heating system in place, you need a reliable central heating system too. With this in mind, at Gastech, our focus is providing you with the highest quality products at reasonable prices, whether you are interested in installing a completely new central heating system or require us to service one. At Gastech, we supply and install new central heating products across South Wales so no matter where you’re based, we can almost certainly be of assistance. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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