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Three Reasons To Look After Your Boiler In The Summer

Summer is finally upon us and the last thing on homeowners and business manager’s minds will be the functioning of their boiler. And if we're lucky enough to have the good weather continue over the summer months, we may not have to use the boiler much at all. However, it may be a mistake to neglect the boiler completely during the warmer days, as this could lead to problems once the cold weather sets in. Gastech Heating and Plumbing, who offer all manner of central heating services, have highlighted three reasons why the boiler should not be ignored completely.

Summer is a good time to tackle any problems

Should you experience any kind of problem with your boiler, it's best to tackle it head on in the summer even if you are not likely to use it as much. As you are less likely to be using the boiler during the summer months, getting it repaired will not feel like it is too much of an inconvenience. A boiler breaking down in the middle of winter can be a real headache and a real problem for you and your family or your business. It's best to tackle any problems as soon as they arise. In the event of any heating system problems, Gastech Heating and Plumbing offer a wide range of central heating services and their repair teams can get it back up and running in no time.

Prevent dust from clogging the system

It's advisable to run your boiler monthly during the summer months to stop dust gathering in the system. If the boiler is left idle, there is a chance dust will accumulate. Dust and grit is not just down to lack of cleaning but could come from other sources like corrosion in the pipes. Given the chance, dust can gather up causing a blockage or inference with the normal functioning of the pump. Boiler installation and repairs can be costly so it is worth setting up a reminder on your phone to run the boiler on a monthly basis.

Radiator valves can become jammed if neglected

Here at Gastech Heating and Plumbing we recommend customers open the thermostatic radiator valves during the summer season. This is because the packing inside the valve can become stuck if it is left for too long. So, when you try to operate the boiler come winter and try to open the valve, there is a possibility it might not work. On average, these radiator valves stay functioning for up to six months after being closed but it's best not to take a gamble.

Problems can be fixed quicker

Fixing boiler problems in the summer is quicker because engineers are typically less busy than in the winter months and can respond to calls sooner. Another thing to consider is to get your boiler serviced in the summer. Any problems can then be addressed before the winter months draw in. Also, because you’re using your heating less, your boiler costs are low at this time of the year anyway!

Devoting a little time to take care of your boiler over the summer goes a long way. Boiler installations and repairs can be expensive so look after your boiler and the boiler will look after you. Call Gastech for expert heating and plumbing services on 0800 975 2180.

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