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Tips on Making an Eco-Friendly Home

The topic of the environment is becoming an increasingly hot-button issue at the moment. With dire warnings of climate catastrophe and mass protests being held around the world, you might be wondering how you too can do your part to lessen human impact on the planet.

Luckily, there are a range of ways you can change both your home and lifestyle in order to minimise your carbon footprint. With this in mind, we’ve looked at some great eco-friendly ideas you can begin incorporating today.

As the poster child of the renewable energy movement, the solar panel is truly one of the greatest ways to minimise your reliance on damaging non-renewable fuel sources. Although you may think that investing in solar panels may seem counterintuitive for a country known for its grey weather, innovations in their design allow them to create clean energy even in low light. They can also act as a long-term investment, saving you on energy bills and allowing you to sell your power back to the grid!

Food wastage can sometimes go under the radar as important ecological issues go, however, the environmental impact of inefficient food usage is staggering. A huge amount of natural resources go into making our food and the amount of space needed to grow the UK’s leftovers would cover a whopping 19,000 square kilometres; a space nearly as large a Wales!

With this in mind, it’s essential to make an effort to use your food efficiently. Make surenot to overbuy on perishable goods and look to freeze or store leftovers to use for another day. If you have space, you could also consider investing in a compost bin to ensure your wasted food is properly recycled.

It may bring a smile to know that our little island has slowly but surely began to do its bit in the fight against rubbish. Back in 2001, only 12% of our rubbish was properly recycled making us the biggest culprit in Western Europe. However, the 2017 statistics show us recycling 45% of our total waste output which is a huge success for the environment.

We can’t stop there, however, and it is crucial that we all keep up the good work. Always check for the recycling logo on any product and ensure they are clean before throwing them away to make the recycling process easier.

One of the greatest ways you can make your home into an eco-friendly place to live is to lower your energy bills. There are a host of ways to achieve this, from remembering to switch electronics off to putting on a jumper in colder weather. There are, however, more substantial changes you can make.

An old boiler or central heating system can be extremely inefficient, costing you a fortune in heating bills and using much more energy than you would need. With this in mind, a new boiler or central heating system could be the answer to your problems.

Here at Gastech , we understand the importance of being environmentally conscious which is why our new, super-efficient boiler units are ready to keep your bills low and your home green.

For more information get in touch with our team on 0800 975 2180.

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