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Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cosier

No matter what time of year it is, having a cosy home will always make you feel comfortable. From snuggling up on the sofa to hosting the perfect evening drinks, you can make your house, flat or studio feel warm and inviting with a few simple additions.

To learn a little more about how you can do this, this blog will explain four ways to create a cosy home.

Any room can be made to feel a little cosier by adding blankets and rugs. Whatever your decor you can find something perfect to match, fluffy, printed or flatweave rugs can sit perfectly under small coffee tables or at the end of your bed to keep your feet warm and add tie in perfectly with your decor. You can also add blankets and throws to your sofa, which will not only protect it but you can grab them when you’re feeling a little chilly, especially on leather sofas.

If you’d like your living room or bedroom to feel a little cosier, why not paint the walls in a darker shade or choose a darker colour theme? Colours such as navy, emerald green or gold will create the right mood while offering an elegant look for your home with a timeless and classy feel.

With hundreds of scented candles now available, you can instantly change the feel of your home simply by lighting the right candle. Cosy smells such as cinnamon and wood can build the perfect atmosphere and help you to relax.

Surprisingly, sometimes bringing the outside in can provide a cosier setting. When many people think of a cosy home they think of country living and cottages where open fires and natural textures are used throughout. Mimicking this feel throughout your home can build the perfect snug - add exposed elements such as wood flooring, brickwork. And if the rustic look isn’t your thing, why not follow the Scandanavian trend? Simplistic yet effective, this kind of decor blends natural materials with cool tones for an intimate and elegant feel.

Of course, the best way to make your house feel cosy is to ensure your boiler is performing well. Here at Gastech , we provide expert boiler repairs and installations to keep your home safe and well-heated. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that our customer service and quality of work is of the highest standard. Get in touch today and find out more.

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