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What Causes a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain can trigger all manner of unforeseen issues within the home, causing a recognisable foul odour, slowing drainage processes and potentially culminating in a considerably larger issue. Becoming a significant problem if left unattended, you may require expensive plumbing repair services if a blocked drain is given time to decline over weeks and months. For these reasons, keeping an eye out for recognisable warning signs and prominent issues is advised, while knowing in advance some of the processes likely to block a drain will give you enough information to avoid such an irritating occurrence. In the instance of a disruptive blocked drain, Gastech are your reliable plumbing specialists covering the local area. Whether you need an emergency plumber or ongoing maintenance, we use the very best materials to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standard. Looking for a plumbing contractor you can trust? You’re in the right place.

Unblock your drain today with our help, and continue reading for comprehensive details on what may be causing your faulty drain.

Repairing a tap

Signs Of A Blockage

You may be wondering what the sudden disgusting smell is that’s coming from under your sink, or perhaps the water within your sink is taking too long to drain - both of these issues could be the result of a blockage. Other tell-tale signs can include a higher water level than normal when flushing the toilet, or odd gurgling sounds from the drain due to trapped air. In some extreme cases, a drainage system will stop working altogether, leaving you with an inconvenient pool of water or overflowing appliance which simply won’t function as intended. Damp floors and walls will be even more alarming, and there is a possibility that this is the circumstance of a blocked drain. Materials within a drain will take time to accumulate, so these repercussions of a blockage may be identifiable early before they result in the need for expensive plumbing repair work.

Repercussions Of A Blocked Drain

Though a blocked drain may initially only seem like a slight inconvenience, issues can quickly spiral and become major problems. A blocked drain may negatively impact your health, causing the growth of harmful bacteria which lead to diseases. Waste material building up in a pipe may cause the drained water and waste to flow back your way, causing quite a mess and putting your welfare at risk. Skin irritation is a common issue encountered when contact is made with dirty water, while bacteria microbes are especially dangerous for individuals with asthma. Not only will your health be compromised if a drain is badly blocked, but the structural integrity of your home may even be affected. If a flow of water makes contact with the foundations of your building, such areas may be weakened. In some cases, flooding may even take place around the house, damaging floors, walls and possessions.

Foreign Objects And Flushing

Due to the way in which they are designed, most toilets will be unable to efficiently flush large objects and certain materials, often causing a blockage. These obstructions are difficult to solve without professional assistance from a local plumber at Gastech. Common items which you may accidentally flush include baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and cotton buds. Though you may attempt to fish objects out of the toilet with a DIY method such as a coat hanger or hooked object, this can actually make the issue worse, possibly causing further damage or worsening the blockage.

Soap Or Dirt

In most cases, drain congestion is caused by daily household and personal activities, including showering, washing and using the toilet. Surprisingly enough, soap and dirt can be troublesome if it accumulates within a toilet or sink, Clumping together and forming a large and tricky blockage. Soap scum is left behind when water minerals and fatty acids mix, with residue building up on the inside of pipe walls. Dirt does not tend to dilute well either, therefore it easily accumulates in the drainage system.

Intrusive Tree Roots

An issue which is largely out of your control, another common cause of blocked drains is tree and plant roots penetrating into the system. Tree roots are drawn to drains, as they provide a constant source of water and moisture required for survival. As roots grow and cling, they may start to narrow, eventually blocking the drain passage completely. To prevent this in advance, be sure to water plants regularly so they don’t seek other nutrient sources. Alternatively, avoid planting trees such as oak and willow which tend to have particularly aggressive root systems.

Preventative Measures

As well as being particularly careful what you flush away and allow to enter shower and sink grates, other preventative measures include investing in drain protectors, considering unblocker treatments and attempting to resolve minor issues with a plunger if possible. Ultimately, if you do believe a drainage problem is on the horizon, or if you are looking for more ways to prevent blockages in the future, contacting a trained professional will be your best option. The friendly team will guide you through troubleshooting tips in an attempt to resolve the problem over the phone. If the issue persists, We can send a skilled local plumber to your property, getting to the core of your problem in no time.

Expert Assistance

When searching for a solution to your blocked drain, you will likely be searching for a trusted expert opinion, and the stamp of approval for Gastech is that we are Gas Safe registered, as well as members of OFTEC. Our engineers are extensively trained and highly skilled individuals, offering the right level of service at a convenient price. If you don’t want to exacerbate the problem further, professional contractors are the favourable option, with our trusted organisation operating for over 3 decades. A fully insured and professional service is the least that you should expect.

Other Services

We not only provide qualified local plumbers for issues as varied as drain blockages, broken taps and faulty bathroom appliances, but we are also experts in household heating solutions and utility installation or repair. Below is just a selection of the additional solutions we offer:

Crucial to keep hot water circulating around your home, a boiler is an important appliance which serves multiple purposes, producing steam water for daily use. Boiler installation from an industry expert at Gastech will make life easier, as the Worcester Bosch Boilers that we stock are all more than 90% efficient. We have access to the latest technology, and resultantly we are able to supply you with innovative boilers that you can control from your phone.

Our commitment to ensuring customers have functional central heating stretches back to 1986, and we have become accustomed to identifying common issues and repair requirements. Even the best central heating system will need attention at times, and we can offer a hassle-free solution. Routine servicing ensures that your central heating system is kept in great condition, reducing the chance of a complete breakdown.

Underfloor heating is a household luxury which is immediately noticeable when added to the home. Because underfloor heating is a more efficient way to heat your building, it can result in lower fuel and energy bills, saving you money gradually. Not only is it cost-effective, water-based underfloor heating is the most comfortable and economical form of heating available to you. It saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions and helps combat global warming.

Gastech: Plumbing Companies Near Me And Emergency Plumber Callouts

At Gastech, we are proud to be recognised as a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and Which Trusted Trader. This means that we are regarded as a company providing a high standard of work, with all electrical and plumbing projects overseen by trained and highly qualified industry professionals. Our guarantee is that all work will be registered with building control and backed up with essentially required certification. Safety is paramount, and this is why we prioritise correct PPE usage, while respecting your property and ensuring it is clean and tidy once work is complete.

We are based in Blackwood, able to offer a reliable and consistent service throughout the entirety of the South Wales region. This includes Cardiff, Newport and all surrounding locations too. Searching for a local plumber and don’t know where to start? We can help. Gastech make sure that you get a fully insured service which is approved by experts. Our highly experienced team are quick, efficient and reliable in their work,leaving your property in a great condition. Contact us today with any enquiries about the service we provide. We would be more than happy to help.

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