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What to Consider Before Your New Bathroom Installation

Updated: May 10, 2023

Bathrooms can be overlooked in our everyday life, despite the fact we use them frequently throughout the day. Most people start their day and end it in the bathroom, so why not have one that really makes you feel wonderful?

Building a new bathroom is the perfect time to create the space that will nourish your soul. You may also choose to refurbish an existing bathroom, which can help turn a boring bathroom into one you love to use. Before you get started, you will need a solid plan for your bathroom. What do you want from the bathroom and how will you get there? Just jumping in can cause the bathroom to end up with some odd combinations and if you want a cohesive space, you need to figure it all out ahead of time.

Collect Images of What You Want

It’s helpful to have a visual of what type of bathroom you want, so collect images of different dream bathrooms and fixtures. Which bathtub or shower do you love? Are there faucets or sink setups that you think would work well? What about colour schemes?

Not only are these helpful for your own use, but they are great for showing architects what you want or for working with an interior designer. They don’t need to design from the beginning but can work with the designs you like.

What Level of Renovation Do You Want?

If you are planning to refurbish, rather than completely renovate, you should consider is just how far you intend to go with the remodel. Will you simply paint and change out fixtures or are you going to replace everything?

A surface alteration is best for when you like the bathroom’s layout and it has good bones, sound walls, etc. There’s no need to tear out walls or rebuild anything when the base is what you like anyway. Instead, focus on painting or wallpapering and maybe changing the faucets and showerhead. You can also look at replacing the mirror if you want a different one. While the surface level remodel is fairly simple, it does still require time. It will be more cost-efficient than completely removing everything and redoing the entire bathroom, but you’ll still get a whole new look.

The more in-depth renovation will require you to pull out everything. You may wish to knock out walls and expand the space into another room. If the floor is unsound, you can replace that, as well. At the end of this type of remodel, you’ll have a completely new bathroom, down to the appliances. For obvious reasons, this is far more expensive than just a surface remodel. You’ll need to plan for everything, including tiles and a new toilet and sink, etc.

You should take some time to determine what you want to replace and then choose new ones.

Factors to Consider When Planning a New Bathroom

There are so many different ways to design a bathroom it can become a little difficult to figure out exactly what you want. You’ll need to look at:


What colour palette will you have in your bathroom. Choose one or two main colours, plus an accent colour to work with. Bathrooms are small, so it’s usually best to keep the colour scheme fairly simple. For example, you may paint the walls white, use blue tiles in the shower and then have a black countertop.


Where will you keep your towels and linens? All cleaning supplies need to be tucked away somewhere and so do your toiletries. You should plan to give your bathroom enough space that it can easily hold everything it needs to and still look neat and tidy.


Whether you need a space to be accessible or not personally, it’s always a good idea to plan your bathroom with this in mind. You may opt for a wet room, so anyone with mobility issues can get into the shower, for example.

Doors should be made wide enough for a wheelchair, and you’ll also want to leave enough space inside the room to turn a wheelchair. This is just common sense, as everyone gets older and eventually, you’ll need to have that extra space. Making your home more accessible also improves its value over time and gives you a boost if you’re going to sell in the future. No one knows what the future holds, so just make your space accessible and those with mobility issues will feel more comfortable visiting, as well.

Placement of toilet, shower, and sink

The main parts of the bathroom are the sink, the shower or bathtub, and the toilet. Their placement must be determined early on, since the plumbing contractor will need to plan where the pipes and drainage go. It’s simplest and cheapest to have everything in a row so the pipes are quite easy to lay, but that may not be your favourite layout.

Talk to your local plumbers and architect to determine how to best build the bathroom. If you are looking at a bathroom refurbishment, you may need to line everything up with the original drains or you will have to tear the pipes up and redo them. This can understandably cost more and may not work with your budget. If you don’t like the current layout of the bathroom, though, then you definitely want to make the effort to change up the design.


The materials used in the bathroom will have a big impact on how it feels and looks. You may opt for tiles or vinyl floors, or you could choose the more maintenance-heavy wooden floor. Likewise, walls may be tiled, painted, or papered, depending on the look you want. Keep in mind that the materials used will also impact how the bathroom functions and how much maintenance you need to do.


Where will the lights go? Most bathrooms have limited natural light, which means they rely heavily on artificial light. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but you’ll need to be sure there are no dark spots or shadowed areas in the bathroom. From lights that encircle the mirror to those recessed in the shower ceiling, you can’t go wrong with more lighting. It will enable everything to sparkle and you’ll have the ability to see yourself clearing during your daily routine.

What Are Your Bathroom Needs?

There are so many different products on the market now that it can be useful to talk to your plumbing contractor about your specific needs. What would your dream bathroom be, and why? Have you ever dreamed of having a wet room? A bidet? This is the time to add those things into the bathroom plan.

Who will use the bathroom? Is it the main bathroom, or is it just for you? This will affect more than just the design; it also affects the materials. Many parents prefer not to have glass shower doors in a family bathroom where small children will be bathing, for example. You may choose very different colours for a children’s bathroom, too.

You should also consider the amount of space you have to work with. While most of us would love to have a large, spacious bathroom with a shower and tub installed, the reality is that most people have a pretty small bathroom. You’ll need to work within these restrictions to maximise your use of the bathroom.

Finding Local Plumbers

If you’re working with a contractor, it’s a good idea to get their recommendation for local plumbers who are trustworthy and reliable. However, if you’re doing most of the work yourself and just want to bring in the professionals for the plumbing parts, you can do this. It means finding the right plumber for the job.

Look for someone who has references and comes highly rated. You can look up reviews online to see if you’re getting someone reliable or not. It is also helpful to hire a company rather than an individual. They have more reason to be reliable and will usually have backup plumbers if your plumber cannot come to work due to illness or injury.

When you hire a plumbing company, be sure they have experience in the areas you are interested in. They should advise you on the best choices for where to lay the pipes, but also how to fit extra things into a small space. They have the necessary experience, after all.

Are you in need of a bathroom refurbishment or a full rebuild? At Gastech, we have the experience to help you get the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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