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What To Include In The Bathroom Of Your Dreams

Bathrooms are always an element of the home that people love to build from the ground up to create the perfect space for them. Whether it is in a new build where the space is designed from scratch or an existing home you’re remodelling, you can truly do anything with your bathroom!

Here are a few things to include in the bathroom of your dreams.

Modern bathroom

Think Carefully About Flooring

It is important to think carefully when picking the flooring for your new bathroom. While some flooring might look amazing, it might not be suitable for the impact of bathroom use. For example, wooden floors are a great look for a bathroom, but they are not that practical.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to have a less than aesthetic floor. Ceramic, porcelain and vinyl flooring are great choices for flooring and can also look amazing! You want to choose a material that will stand up to constant use, and deal with the wet conditions a bathroom can experience, both in terms of water landing on it and also the humidity of the space.

Uses Of Colour

Colour is a great way to make a bathroom your own. It can even play with perspective, making a small space seem bigger. Using bright colours will help a space to open up a lot more, while darker shades can make the room shrink down. If you’re sticking to a classic white theme, consider a theme wall with a pop of colour to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd!

Don’t Build Out, Build In

A great way to remodel your bathroom when working with limited space is to build in rather than out. You can have things like medicine cabinets, shelving, soap dishes and even toilet roll holders built into the space to help free up as much space as possible. Also, make sure to use the entirety of the wall space, as this will help to give you more storage opportunities.

Bathroom Installation In Blackwood

If you live in the Blackwood area and are looking for help designing the bathroom of your dreams, work with Gastech today! We are able to offer bathroom design and installation services to our customers, working with you every step of the way to make your dream bathroom a reality.

We will work with you to fulfil your requirements and make use of the space in the best possible way, whether you want a sleek and modern wet room or a simple functional place to shower. We can help with a range of bathroom services including shower and wet room installation, plumbing and bathroom refurbishments. We can even help with specialist bathroom spaces, such as the installation of disability-accessible bathrooms.

If you’d like to find out more about how Gastech can help make your dream bathroom come true, get in touch with us today.

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