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Why Is My Boiler Making A Strange Noise?

The household boiler is a crucial appliance, seeing everyday use in most domestic properties. Problems with boilers are likely to disrupt your schedule and interfere with important tasks. Some issues can even develop into costly breakdowns, putting a dent in your bank balance and requiring repair to units and extensive professional servicing. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of strange noises, odd sounds coming from the boiler and related appliances, as well as significant changes within items linked to the boiler. At Gastech we specialise in bespoke heating solutions, repairs and installations. If your unit is making a strange noise or generally causing problems, we’re the trusted specialists to consult for a boiler service. As there are a variety of reasons that your boiler may be making a strange noise, always seek help from a professional.

Continue reading for details on common boiler issues and frequently identified problems with these important household units.


Limescale Accumulation

Sometimes described as a ‘kettling’ noise, the sounds coming from a faulty boiler may resemble the noisy whines of a boiling kettle. Although this may be a circumstance of simple pressure changes within the unit, there are some root causes which are more of a cause for concern. One possibility is that limescale has accumulated naturally over time, causing sludge and substances to build up gradually. Although this issue may start with only a peculiar noise, it can very quickly graduate into an issue requiring costly repairs.

Faulty Pump

Faulty pumps are another frequently encountered problem within boiler systems which will potentially come to your attention via a strange noise. Faulty new boilers may be the result of an incorrect installation, broken seal or unexpected leaks, and should therefore be taken very seriously. If a low humming noise becomes noticeable which wasn’t there before, a faulty pump could very likely be the reason. Highly trained engineers will be able to assist with this irritating issue, therefore seeking help from a Gastech specialist will resolve the problem.


Boiler overheating may be the issue if you’re dealing with a unit which makes a recognisable clunky sound for no discernible reason, and this issue should not be taken lightly. Though very unlikely, with boiler overheating, there is a small risk that an explosion may happen or components will melt and release toxic smoke. As rare as these occurrences are, identifying a concerning noise and addressing the cause with a professional boiler service will help in providing peace of mind that you and the family are safe.

At Gastech, we are proud to be recognised as a reliable heating and plumbing provider, offering repairs, maintenance and innovative systems locally. Based in South Wales and founded way back in 1986, we have decades of experience and professional expertise. All jobs will be completed by trained professionals, and our employees are backed by essentially required certification. When you decide to use Gastech, we make certain that you are fully insured as standard. Simply contact us today for tailored advice and practical tips regarding household appliances including new boilers and drainage systems.

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