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Your Dream Bathroom Additions For 2023

Early-2023 is a great time to remodel your bathroom. Be it a spontaneous decision influenced by a particular trend, a thoroughly planned design job or a circumstance of moving house, there are so many options to consider for this important domestic space. As enjoyable as it can be mixing and matching objects and features, there are of course essentials to consider - and this is where Gastech come in. Reliable bathroom installers with years of experience, we’re well-placed to advise you on the very best bathroom installation must-haves in 2023, resulting in a room which is both stylish and functional in equal measure.

Modern bathroom

Wall And Floor Tiling

Tiles have been synonymous with the bathroom space for as long as we can remember, and these easily cleanable, aesthetically pleasing installations are brilliant within a modern home. Go for that classic tiled appearance with matching patterned floor and wall designs, which are especially impressive in a wet room or open-plan bathroom. Coming in all manner of patterns and colours, softer tones can complete that relaxing spa-style bathroom look.

Well-Placed Windows

Natural lighting should be utilised whenever possible in your newly designed bathroom space, acting as an energy-free alternative to lamps, light fixtures and bulbs. A well-placed window can appear absolutely stunning, most often when placed high against the wall running parallel to the shower fitting. If you don’t have a bathroom fan installed, humidity and condensation can lead to mould and mildew before you know it - with a window the perfect form of ventilation within this room.

Unique Small Tubs

Who doesn’t love a soak in the bath? As relaxing as a long period in the tub can be,these utilities are often space-consuming, making them a tough sell for those without the spacious bathroom to contain them. This is where smaller bathtubs can be of benefit - and they’re certainly in style as well as not cramping your limited space. Give yourself a dedicated area to unwind on those evenings after work with a pretty porcelain bath.

Selected Storage

Bathroom storage can be a conundrum, so selecting the right furniture and fittings for you can reduce clutter while keeping the whole family happy. Multi-use cabinets, bathroom mirrors with built-in storage and stools which can deconstruct to stash essentials are all worthy of your time when choosing the accessories to accompany your installation. Still unsure? When you use Gastech, we make sure that you get a fully insured and professional service at all times - have your burning questions answered today.

Gastech are proudly certified as a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer and Which? Trusted Trader. What this means for you is that we have been recognised as a reputable and trusted company, and can assure you that the work we carry out is of a high standard. Capable of offering a range of services - not simply a routine boiler service, plumbing and heating - contact the team with any urgent enquiries or quick quotes.

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